The Reading + Rating System


I have always been notoriously bad at rating the books I read.

I seem to flip flop between two extremes.

Sometimes I feel so in love with the written word, and so sympathetic towards anyone who managed to publish a book that I err on the side of niceness.

Sometimes I don’t. There are days when I find everything displeasing, and therefore all books are SHIT.

One might say that this makes me a less than objective reader, but that’s something I’m trying to remedy. In an effort to be a more consistently reliable opinionator, I’ve come up with my own ratings system (and who doesn’t love a system?).

I’m going to start at the bottom, so I can end on a high note.

Rating: 1 star


  • I couldn’t even bring myself to finish this book.
  • I didn’t care enough about any of the characters to find out what happened to them.
  • Compelling? Nah.

Rating: 2 stars


  • Drivel, in a word.
  • I made it through to the end, but I wasted my time.
  • So bad I got angrier with every page.

Rating: 3 stars


  • It was ok, but no fireworks went off.
  • A kind of tolerable crap, but not worth reading any sequels.

Rating: 4 stars


  • I enjoyed reading this but I’ll probably give it away once I’m done.
  • There was something I really liked about this book, but there was also something that didn’t click.

Rating: 5 stars


  • I liked this more than I should.
  • Has the making of a real guilty pleasure.
  • I’m glad I read this.

Rating: 6 stars


  • I will read this again.
  • Thinking about this book got in the way of pesky things like working, cleaning and walking the dog.

Rating: 7 stars


  • Utterly fabulous.

There you have it. My extremely well-thought-out book rating system. Let’s see if it helps!

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