About your host

Hi, I’m Daire.

(And for you normal, non-Gaelic types, that’s pronounced Dara.)

(And for you “animals are better than people” types, that’s my collie pup, Rosalie.)

This is the space where I tell you a little bit about me, right?

Well by day, I’m a freelance copywriter. That means I help a range of lovely business owners write amazing content for their websites, so that they can focus on what they do best.

By night… well by night, I’m a lot of things.

I’m an amateur artist. I’m a creative cook. But above all, I’m a furious reader.

There’s nothing I love quite so much as losing myself in a world mystery and magic apart from *perhaps* talking about the things I’ve read, the things I’m reading, and the things I’m planning to read.

Think of this blog as the only way my non-literary friends can stop having to listen to me ramble on. Now that’s your job.

Here I get to share all the reading challenges I embark on, the guilty purchases that make it to my shelves, and the old favourites I think EVERYONE should read.

Having said that, I want to hear from you too. I want to know what’s on your book case. Which spines you’re excited to crack. And also, if you have any thoughts on stuff I’ve written… share them!


I’m a blunt kinda girl, so sometimes there will be swearing in my content.

Occasionally I may get a free book in exchange for my honest review, but that’s exactly what I’ll be writing. An honest review.

Some books mentioned on this site will be linked to a place where you can purchase. I may receive a small commission on any purchases you make after clicking on these links, but I’ll only be spending the ££ on more books, so maybe you should save me from myself.